A Poem: WWJTD? *explicit*

WWJTD Do you remember the Jesus-bracelet movement?  There were bracelets of all colors and sizes With four initials on the four beads  WWJD What would Jesus do? It was a catch phrase, a reminder To think before we judge To share and be kind Before we turned up our noses At the wicked Moons haveContinue reading “A Poem: WWJTD? *explicit*”


I awaken from a scandalous dream to quiet sluggishness in an earth toned room, warmed by sunlight. Rousing gently to the voice of reason, I softly tumbled into the present, formulating linear thoughts that began to make sense. Pleased with myself, I smiled and rolled over onto my right side – the more comfortable angleContinue reading “Dreaming”

The Journey Begins

As I finish weaving the long braid around the right side of my frame, I assess my presentation in the mirror. Fair to middlin’. Choosing another shirt with a cropped rain jacket, I complete my take on the modern native look with combat boots and tribal jewelry.  No mirror needed. Be the best you, IContinue reading “The Journey Begins”