Tiff the Titan

Producer, Author, Host, Filmmaker, CPhT, Titan, and Bad A$$ Welcome to my domain! Take a look around and see what I’m up to – you’ll find my published works, film, productions, press and updates here. My story begins at an early age in the midst of many things. Sure, there were some good memories. ButContinue reading “Tiff the Titan”

A Poem: WWJTD? *explicit*

WWJTD Do you remember the Jesus-bracelet movement?  There were bracelets of all colors and sizes With four initials on the four beads  WWJD What would Jesus do? It was a catch phrase, a reminder To think before we judge To share and be kind Before we turned up our noses At the wicked Moons haveContinue reading “A Poem: WWJTD? *explicit*”